Celebrating 65 Years: WTOC Rocks Savannah

Celebrating 65 Years: WTOC Rocks Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - WTOC is continuing to celebrate our 65th year of broadcasting. You have been our number one fans, and at times, have made us feel like rock stars.

In fact, almost 10 years ago to the day, our morning show became rock stars for one night. If you don’t believe in miracles, listen to this.

It was a standing room only concert at Wild Wings in Downtown Savannah on May 15, 2009, and it all started from a joke. Despite the fact that I couldn’t sing or play a note, everybody on our daybreak show said they wanted to try, and when our news director said we were going to put on an actual concert to raise money for the Children’s Hospital, I reluctantly agreed.

“I was very nervous,” said Dave Turley, Drummer/Meteorologist. “I don’t think I have ever been that nervous in my 20 years plus in TV.”

We had three weeks to train, with the help of Portman’s Music, and it was coming along slowly.

While we were practicing for hours, I was putting together stories for the morning show on the progress we were making. We had viewers come up with the name of the band, “Yesterday’s News.” We put together actual videos, and we also included you in on the joke, pulling together tongue in cheek behind the music type videos. All the while, the actual concert date loomed.

I never wanted to be a lead singer. Sure, I’ve wanted to learn how to play, but I didn’t think we would be thrust out, ‘ok you have a couple weeks to learn it, get out there and you’re going to put on a concert.'

Most people were calling the station saying, ‘are you really putting on a concert, or is it a joke?' I said, ‘no, the concert is happening, whether we are the joke is another thing.’

The night of the concert came and it was standing room only. In fact, people were turned away because we were at capacity. Finally, it was time to play.

“This is the most unlikely success of anything we have ever done here at this station. This rag tag nobody-knows-how-to-do-anything group would actually get together and pull something like this off,” said Craig Harney, the guitarist.

I was like, ‘we did it!’

“My wife was there, my kid was there. People seemed to enjoy the songs,” Turley said.

It was a great experience. One of the best things was looking out from the stage and just seeing my dad who was out in the front. That’s just a beautiful memory.

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