Good News: Savannah’s Fabulous Equinox Orchestra playing at senior centers

Fabulous Equinox Orchestra visits senior centers across Coastal Empire, Lowcountry

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Music can be a gift, and it’s one Savannah’s Fabulous Equinox Orchestra has been sharing in small, laid back settings at senior centers.

Their timeless music plays anywhere to any audience, but was at home with this one.

“Oh, that’s my era. I know the words to every one, can’t sing a note.”

When members of the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra are in off the road these days, they’re often getting out to senior centers, trading 1,000-seat halls in New York City and New Orleans for much more personal settings.

“We’re basically bringing them their memories and them their love of the music they had in the past,” said Jeremy Davis and Clay Johnson. “It’s been the most fun thing we have done. We’re so thankful to our friend Mark Tate, a lawyer here in town. He has underwritten this whole experiment. We’ve been able to take our music and just to be a blessing, like Clay said, to bring their memories back to life. It’s been great.”

The Equinox Quartet has brought afternoon swing to senior center shows in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

“Their happy hour is a lot earlier than our happy hour.”

They’re finding fans who truly appreciate their style. At Bayshore on Hilton Head, they met Frank Lobianco, who was a bandleader for 50 years in Washington, D.C., and worked with the biggest of the big bands that Equinox covers.

“Well, I tell you what. They’re as good. They’re as good,” Lobianco said.

These smaller concerts are part of the Equinox Global Outreach - a way for the band with an international schedule to give back to its community at home.

“We started in India and realized, 'we have got this ace card called the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra that will draw a crowd wherever we are, and we just use the band to be a blessing. Being in a place where the people grew up with this music of this quality too often. For us, it’s one of the most special things we do.”

The Equinox Quartet has played at almost a dozen senior centers so far.

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