Daughter speaks after mother, sister die in crash

Daughter speaks after mother, sister die in crash

MIDWAY, GA (WTOC) - The daughter of a woman who died in a car crash in Midway spoke with WTOC after her sister also passed away over the weekend from injuries received in the crash.

Tatayana Dates described the horror of the events leading up to and following the crash.

“It was kind of scary," said Tatayana. “It was a lot of cars. It happened really fast so it was kind of like boom and it was all done. It happened and then people took us out. So Zoey stayed in the car and my mom did too.”

Tatayana says that when she realized that paramedics didn’t immediately take her mother and sister out of the car, she knew it wasn’t good.

“It was heartbreaking," said Tracey Curry, Tatayana’s grandmother. "I was with her. I held her. I let her know it was okay. You know. But yeah. She’s with her mom now. The gates opened up for her and she’s in her mom’s arms.”

As the healing process begins for Tatayana and her family, she says her mom’s sweet memory and her sister’s jokes will keep her going, but she will miss the conversations and no one will be able to take her mom’s place.

“I knew it was reality and I knew it was gonna happen someday, but I didn’t think that it would be that day," said Tatayana. “But I knew it would be best for her because of her injuries. Now it’s just going to be me and my dad and my brothers. So, I won’t be able to not frown as much because they won’t be able to understand half of the stuff that me and my mom would talk about or my sister."

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