Parents demand answers from Bulloch Co. School District

Parents demand answers from Bulloch Co. School District

BULLOCH CO, GA (WTOC) -Allegations of abuse on two Bulloch County buses have mothers demanding answers.

The mothers and their attorney say two assault investigations in consecutive years is two too many and they want to see the school district do something.

Donna Crawford and Consuela Jones Hodges stood together over separate incidents one year apart. Crawford got a call last month from her son’s principal that a bus monitor had struck him. She knows the employee got fired and arrested, but she hasn’t heard much more than that.

“The only thing the bus director told me was that she’s not employed anymore,” said Crawford. “But other than that, they couldn’t tell me anything else.”

Last school year, Consuela Jones-Hodges rushed her son to the emergency room for blacking out. She says an investigation revealed a bus monitor had pushed her son against a window and he suffered head injuries. According to Bulloch County Schools, that person was also quickly fired. But she says her son is still dealing with medical and emotional issues.

“He doesn’t want to go to school,” said Joan-Hodges. “He doesn’t want to ride the bus with the bus monitors because he’s scared something’s going to happen.”

Their attorney says the district needs to do something about who they hire and how they monitor the adults hired to monitor the students.

“We don’t know if this is a problem of leadership, or hiring practices, or a problem of training and supervision,” said Attorney Andrew Bowen.

Jones-Hodges has filed suit against the school district for damages. Meanwhile, Crawford is figuring out her next steps.

I asked the school district if they had any response to this. They declined to make any kind of comment but did give them the timeline of their actions when this happened back in 2018.

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