Chatham Co. Police hold strategic planning meeting

Chatham Co. Police hold strategic planning meeting

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -The Chatham County Police Department is getting feedback from the community to put together a blueprint or strategic plan to carry the department into the future.

The strategic plan will focus on two things: what is the Chatham County Police Department doing well, and what opportunities do they have to improve, items to focus on for the future.

​Chatham Co. Police have had meetings already internally with their officers and staff, other law enforcement and government agencies, and one on Tuesday morning with reps from the business community. It was a small group, but the department made clear every opinion matters with this effort. Communication was a key priority moving forward, along with community education and diversity. What’s floated around in these meetings will form what kind of Chatham County Police Department we have in the future, that’s why your opinion matters.

“We really and truly in our hearts want to know what we can, how we can best serve them," said Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley. "So this is an iterative process, there’s a lot of different groups. You’ve got government partners, you’ve got business, you’ve got community. We have our internal stakeholders meeting, our officers and civilians. So put all that together into a plan that we can present to the Commission and to the community of, this is what you should see and expect from the Chatham County Police Department over the next three years.”

​The consulting group helping in this process will sit down with department leaders Thursday to sort through all the opinions and observations.

Those who cannot attend the meetings are asked to provide their input by filling out a brief citizen survey here.

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