Hinesville health clinic opens free community garden

Hinesville health clinic opens free community garden

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) -The Diversity Health Clinic in Hinesville is taking extra steps to keep you healthier by promoting a healthy lifestyle. They spent weeks planning and building their free community garden and now seeds are sprouting.

The Diversity Health Clinic CEO says they created this garden with the people in mind who can’t afford fresh vegetables and fruit.

CEO Stephanie Jones-Heath says they wanted to build this garden because they had the extra property.

Once the vegetables, including cucumbers, squash, and sweet potatoes are grown, people will be able to come out and grab this produce when they want. Heath says they wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle of eating fruits and veggies because eating well is a preventative measure for getting sick and maintaining overall health.

“Hopefully people will realize that eating healthy is not as hard as you think and having access to fresh vegetables is not as hard as you think so hopefully we will promote that moving forward,” said Jones-Heath.

She says they will also teach people how to make quick meals with these vegetables once they are grown.

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