Community Champions: Living Vine

Community Champions: Living Vine

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Jan Dega says she heard a calling in church one Sunday and soon found herself starting a non-profit organization to deliver items to people who would need them most.

Dega’s Baby Step Ministries collects strollers, car seats, toys and other items and brings them all to facilities that help mothers and babies in need.

"I receive the items,'' said Dega, "than I see who they are going to fit best, take them there and then they can choose who to give it to and what they’re going to do with them.''

Baby Step Ministries works with eight different centers in the Savannah area, including the Living Vine, a residential facility for unmarried, pregnant women.

"Jan has been awesome,'' says Living Vine resident director Brenda Render. "She has been very enthusiastic about coming to the Vine and helping with the needs we have. We have gotten a lot of great donations from her and we have been able to help a lot of our girls through the donations she has given us.''

At the Savannah Care Center, Dega’s deliveries help ease the burden of unexpected pregnancies.

"A lot of these young girls who come here have nothing,'' says Savannah Care Center interim director George Day. "We can supply them with everything from clothes to toys to strollers, all the stuff Jan brings.'

All of the Community Champions helping moms and babies in the area benefited once Dega answered the calling she heard in church, but had known all along.

"Well, the truth is, I’m an unwed mother,'' said Dega. "And back in my day, it was very hard and I didn’t ever have the support that a lot of the women do today. And anything I can do to help them is wonderful.''

"She’s got a lot of passion,'' added Day. "She just does it every day and she doesn’t get paid and that’s great. That’s the kind of folks that make a difference in the world. She does.

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