Tourism supports 28,000 jobs in Hostess City

Tourism supports 28,000 jobs in Hostess City

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -A new travel study shows 2018 was a record-breaking year for Savannah tourism with 14 and a half million people visiting the Hostesses City.

More people are visiting Savannah, and they’re spending more money and staying longer.

The millions of people coming to see classic Savannah scenes like this last year spent more than 3 billion dollars in the city. Visit Savannah says that spending and those visitors are good for the entire community.

Visit Savannah says it's not just traditional businesses, like hotels, that benefit from more people coming here and staying longer, but local businesses, gas stations and grocery stores also see more money coming in.

President Joseph Marinelli says it’s also changing the way Savannah looks and what it has to offer.

While more people are spending than ever before, he also says more people are working than ever before.

“People are coming here consistently throughout the year each quarter, so we’re keeping people working all throughout the year," said Marinelli. "10 or 15 years ago, folks in our industry were getting laid off for the summertime, getting laid off for the holiday season, but today their working all year long and there’s more of them working than ever before.”

Visit Savannah says tourism supports 28,000 jobs in our community.

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