National Police Week with Yemassee Police Department

May 12-18 is National Police Week.

National Police Week with Yemassee Police Department

YEMASSEE, S.C. (WTOC) - May 12-18 is National Police Week. Each and every day officers across the nation wake up to serve- ready to put their lives on the line if they must, all to protect the public.

“I love my community. Just being there for other people. There are people in the world who just don’t have anybody there and I’m the one who bridges that gap,” said Corporal Mike Strauss, an officer with the Yemassee Police Department.

Strauss has lived a life of public service. After a career with the United States Marine Corps, he felt becoming a police officer was the best way he could make a difference.

“We make decisions, a lot of times based off limited information. We apply the best common sense that we have," Strauss said. "Do we get it right every time? No. 99 percent of the time? Yeah.”

After the death of Savannah Police Officer Sergeant Kelvin Ansari, he said it makes him think about the dangers of the job a little more.

“It raises your consciousness a little bit. Ok, who’s in this car that I’m dealing with? Or, who is this person? So you’re a little more cautious. You get that little tingle in the back of your neck that says eh, maybe we need to go ahead and call another officer out here,” Strauss added.

He says he knows in this line of work, every night you go home to your family is a good one.

“There’s a saying in law enforcement that you’re 10-41 is our code for signing on in the morning or at the beginning of your shift, that you’re 10-41′s have to equal your 10-42′s, which is your signing off.”

Yemassee Police Department says they will be sending officers to Sergeant Ansari’s visitation this week and are wearing their mourning badges to honor a fellow officer.

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