Proud to be a GA Farmer: Bland Farms, Tattnall County

Proud to be a GA Farmer: Bland Farms, Tattnall County

TATTNALL COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - One of Georgia’s favorite crops is coming out of the ground and being shipped across the country.

“It still amazes me, the following this onion has and how excited people get about it,” said farmer, Delbert Bland.

Delbert Bland was born on the Bland family farm 62 years ago. He now runs it with the help of his sons. What is now a massive operation of about 3,000 acres of land started out with just five acres.

“It’s a family business, and I hope it continues because that is what life is really about - getting up every day and doing something you love to do, and I like to sell onions," he said.

Bland shared his passion for onions with 35 food editors who came to town this week as part of the Georgia Grown Culinary Tour.

“They want to know right where the food came from, what are the practices, what is the actual enrollment of a family producer," said Gary W. Black, Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture.

Bland was more than happy to show everyone around and talk about the importance of Georgia’s Vidalia onions.

“It means everything,” he said. “How would you know where an onion comes from if you never went to the farm? A lot of people don’t realize it. Those onions in the store, every one of them tells a story.”

A story Bland plans on continuing by passing down his farm to future generations.

“I’ve got a grandson I just left a while ago who is one-year-old, and I told him, 'son, it won’t be long before I let you get in the truck and you can ride with me,” Bland said.

Bland Farms distributes their famous onions to 48 states, as well as Canada. Bland says they produce so many onions that this year’s crop should be available on store shelves until August.

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