Remembering WTOC’s Don Logana

Remembering WTOC's Don Logana

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As we continue to celebrate and look back on 65 years here at WTOC, we remember those who helped build our legacy.

One of those people we lost far too soon. Don Logana spent more than 12 years with us here at WTOC before he died in a car crash in 2016.

How do you describe a man that meant so much to so many?

“He’s got a very big personality. Everyone loved working with Don," said WTOC Chief Meteorologist, Dave Turley.

“Larger than life,” said WTOC Meteorologist, Jamie Ertle.

Those feelings are also shared by those outside of our newsroom. Here’s what Erica Backus, Don’s longtime best friend, had to say.

“He’s a big lovable teddy bear. You couldn’t not love Don.”

Don arrived in Savannah in 2004 from Syracuse, New York. He instantly earned the reputation of telling the stories and getting the answers the community needed.

“He told the stories people wanted to hear," Ertle said.

“Don was the news guy we could always depend on. He came out and covered our stories. He championed our causes,” said Backus.

In 2016, he joined WTOC’s Cyreia Sandlin as co-anchor of The News at Daybreak, waking up viewers every morning with that loving smile.

“Don brought a different energy when he came to the morning. He made things exciting," Turley said.

“It was fun. It wasn’t, ‘I have to get up at 4 o clock.’ It was, 'oh, I get to go to work and work with some great people, my friends," Ertle said.

There’s no doubt Don had a special connection with our viewers. With a following of more than 50,000 on social media, he shared his life with everyone.

“Even I would have strangers come up and say ‘hey, aren’t you Don Logana’s friend,’ and I would say proudly, 'yes.”

“To see that many people, and he did interact with them, that was just amazing. He was always that person out there willing to go the extra mile and connect with the viewers," Turley said.

Don did so much more than what you saw every morning on TV. He dedicated much of his free time to numerous charitable causes in the Coastal Empire and beyond.

“He did bring MS to the forefront in Savannah. Hopefully people will identify that walk with him now."

“He opened my eyes to CASA. He did Dancing with the Stars," Ertle said. “He was horrific, but it was funny, and he raised a lot of money for them.”

When Jamie was named a Susan G. Komen Big Wig, Don was ready to help her campaign.

‘Let’s go put your pink wing on and raise some money. We could go to Sonic and meet people; go get our car washed and meet people.' It was so easy for him."

From raising tens of thousands of dollars for charity, to holding the powerful accountable, Don Logana helped make WTOC the station it is today.

“He was a real person. What you saw on TV is what you got behind the scenes. Great personality. That was Don. One of a kind. We won’t see another person like that walk through the station.”

“Don was an asset to the WTOC legacy, and I hope he’s remembered as such as we all remember him on your 65th Anniversary.”

An asset we will always miss and treasure.

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