Consider This: Sgt. Kelvin Ansari

Consider This: Sgt. Kelvin Ansari

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -The word ‘Hero’ is often dispensed with reckless abandon, rarely these days being saved to describe the people who truly epitomize the meaning of the honor.

In the case of Sergeant Kelvin Ansari, hero doesn’t begin to do justice to what this man did for our country and for our community.

Sgt. Ansari devoted his life to serving others, be it in war zones of the middle east or the sometimes-dangerous streets of Savannah. His devotion to serving others came to a tragic halt nearly two weeks ago at the hand of a gun wielding thug.

Our extended community gathered on Saturday to say goodbye to the 10-year veteran of the Savannah police department and highly decorated 21-year veteran of the United States Army.

American flags and a grateful community lined our streets, a fitting tribute to a life well lived and a mission completed.

Consider This: Sgt. Ansari’s end of watch came on May 11th, which means it is now our turn to take the watch.

Sgt. Ansari left behind a wife and six children who must now figure out how to get along without their protector.

We must, as a community do for his family what Sgt. Ansari did for ours, protect and serve.

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