Savannah Police prepare for violent crimes numbers to raise as summer approaches

Savannah Police prepare for violent crimes numbers to raise as summer approaches

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Crime, especially violent crimes, heat up in the hostess city as summer approaches. This has created a yearly trend that Savannah Police keep a close eye on.

Captain David Gay with the Criminal Investigations Unit says this is trend occurs from year to year.

“Understand that crime is cyclical,” said Captain Gay, with Savannah Police’s Investigations Division. “Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down.”

“Sometimes, it is not uncommon when school lets out to see a bump in juvenile crime,: said Captain Gay. "The best advice I would try to give parents is to try to occupy your child’s time if at all possible. One thing we’ve seen this year is a particular uptick in domestic violence cases and those are being driven mostly by strangulation cases.”

The Thomas Square Neighborhood, also known as the Starland District, is in the central precinct. There has been a 40% increase in violent crime. Neighborhood Association President Clinton Edminster says they are trying to communicate with police as much as possible right now.

Sgt. Kelvin Ansari was killed in the line of duty responding to an armed robbery on Bull Street just over a week ago.

“Was this a completely random event? Was this a gang-related event?" Edminster asked. "The more information we know, the more secure we can feel and the better pathway forward we can endeavor as a neighborhood and as individuals.”

Aggravated assaults with and without guns are increasing city wide.

Many of those guns are stolen from unlocked cars. Cpt. Gay says unlocked cars are one of Savannah Police Department’s biggest frustrations. Without a doubt, it leads to more violent crime.

“Criminals are breaking in and they are stealing them. Ultimately, they are going to end up in somebody’s hands that probably shouldn’t have them doing something they have no business doing.”

Edminster said that Tuesday night was the first meeting for the Thomas Square neighborhood since the officer involved shooting.

He says neighbors ask about safety, but mainly he’s heard nothing but how can we help businesses and the police department.

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