GBI says man shot his wife, turned the weapon on himself at Richmond Hill home

GBI death investigation underway in Richmond Hill

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - UPDATE: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says a man shot his wife and then turned the weapon on himself, causing his own death, Thursday in Richmond Hill.

Investigators say 62-year-old Larry Rankin shot and killed his wife, 58-year-old Susan Rankin, at their home on Osprey Drive.

The cause of the incident and dispute between the two is not yet known. The investigation is active and ongoing.

Anyone with information concerning the investigation should call the GBI’s Statesboro office at 912.871.1121.


A death investigation is underway after a man and a woman were found dead inside of a home in the Piercefield Forest area of Richmond Hill, Thursday morning.

The Richmond Hill Police Department has requested assistance from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Officials say there is no sign of a home invasion.

Those living in the Piercefield Forest neighborhood of Richmond Hill were stunned to see their street blocked off by police tape.

“About 9 or 9:30, about a million cops came down the street at 100 miles-per-hour,” said neighbor, Jennifer Washington, as she described the scene Thursday morning.

“I heard what sounded like someone banging on something, so I didn’t really think much of it, but then it just kept happening and I thought it was gunshots, and I didn’t want to look out the window just in case they saw me look out the window and came over here, but then it stopped, so I didn’t think nothing of it, but then, like, a minute later, another went off, and then it just stopped completely," another neighbor said.

They said this kind of thing doesn’t happen on their quiet Richmond Hill street, especially as kids were playing outside on their first day of summer break.

“It was scary when I thought someone had broken in, but then I read that the GBI said it was no break-in, no-nothing, so we thought it probably was personal," Washington added.

Neighbors who spoke to WTOC said an older couple lived in the home, and while no one on Osprey Drive seemed to know them well, everyone said they were friendly.

“I’ve seen them in the yard working. They seemed really nice."

“They have and had animals, and a couple of them have gotten out and we’ve brought them back to them, and they seemed really nice," Washington said. "They give gift baskets to the kids at like Easter and Christmas and stuff like that, and they were quiet, but nice.”

The GBI said that autopsies are scheduled for Friday morning and that one else was inside the home. We’re told their dog will be taken care of by their adult son.

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