Loggerhead turtle saved from tangled fishing line

Loggerhead turtle saved from tangled fishing line

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Two Savannah teens got quite the science lesson out of the classroom on Wednesday.

Solomon and Reese Cohen woke up wondering how they would spend on of their first full days of summer. An incredible turtle rescue wasn’t exactly on their agenda.

“Around 10:30, we were just hanging out on the pier and we were just looking at the jelly fish in the water and heard a bunch of noise and a bunch of people gathering around,” said Reese Cohen.

That's when they saw this nearly 200 pound loggerhead sea turtle sitting on the Tybee Pier.

“It had come just straight through the area, because there were jelly fish around and just looking for a mate and got caught in a line,” said Cohen. “I think he was just fishing to see if he could catch anything. He saw this shadow in the water thinking it was a stingray, because of how heavy it was. But he pulled it up and it was this huge turtle.”

The two professionals in the photo are with the Tybee Marine Science center. The fisherman called them in as soon as the turtle got tangled in his fishing line.

“For one, I know they are endangered," said Solomon Cohen. "When the guy caught it, he could have easily just taken it and thrown it back in the water or just let it go which a lot of people would do. But instead, he did the right thing and called actual people out and they were able to get research from it.”

Many onlookers watched as the turtle was measured, tagged and safely put back into the ocean.

“Usually in the aquariums, you don’t see the up close and personal. You only see them swimming around far away. In my opinion, it was the biggest sea creature I’ve ever seen.”

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