Statesboro Police working to solve 1987 murder

Statesboro Police working to solve 1987 murder

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Statesboro Police need your help to solve a murder that happened more than 30 years ago.

Relatives of Cynthia Hill joined police Thursday to appeal for information.

Hill was found murdered in her room at the Stiles Motel on Jan. 2, 1987. Police still have not closed the case. They hope witnesses will come forward, and that new scientific testing on evidence will give them a clearer picture.

Some of the officers now working the case weren’t even born when Hill was killed. They hope new science and new attention brings some leads.

“I’d urge them to come forward and come talk to our local police department, and come tell our police department. It might be small, but it might be helpful, and give the detectives something to work on,” said the victim’s sister, Charlene Brady.

Hill’s murder may have been 32 years ago, but her sister’s memories remain just as strong.

“She was just a joyful person and she always loved her family,” she said.

A new generation of officers and detectives bring today’s science to the evidence in the case.

“I’m very hopeful that DNA can give us some answers, certainly more than what the officers in 1987 could gather from that,” said Officer Katie Hagins, Statesboro PD.

Those tests will take months. Detectives have already re-interviewed dozens of witnesses from back then, and plan to continue.

“Either somebody who was contacted at the time has a different story now, or somebody they didn’t contact then will come forward with some information,” said Detective Jared Akins, Statesboro PD.

Police won’t say how she was killed. The family says they’re encouraged by the focus the department now has toward finding the killer.

“There’s just something in my heart that I want to know what happened and who did it,” Charlene said.

Anyone with information is urged to get in touch with Statesboro Police at 912.764.9911.

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