Lowcountry family continues to rebuild after Hurricane Matthew

Lowcountry family continues to rebuild after Hurricane Matthew

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) -Hurricane Matthew was the most powerful storm of the 2016 hurricane season, with hurricane force winds felt along the coast. Some people still have not yet recovered.

Kristin Keller works for Palmetto Electric. She stayed behind for work during the hurricane while her family evacuated to North Carolina. Because of her job, she was able to get back on the island before many when she saw their home was destroyed.

“The trees were all mangled and then they mangled and they fell on the house and came in to our bedroom,” Keller said.

The Kellers had lost everything.

“You see in the news all the people that get affected by it," said her husband, Glenn. "We had never really been affected by it, or if we have, it’s been very minimal, but this affected us in a great way.”

Not only did they have to rebuild their home, one of their children even had to have crisis counseling after the fact.

“The construction company...our neighbors were like, ‘we’re going to get you home as quickly as possible,’ and they made our house their goal.”

After six months, they were able to return to their newly rebuilt home. They say the community support is something that will stick with them for a lifetime.

“This whole experience just hugely humbled us," said Keller. "I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the country. We love it here. People come out of the woodwork and help you.”

While they lost many precious memories like their wedding video and home videos of their kids growing up throughout the years, they said that they feel lucky that their family was safe throughout the hurricane.

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