Trial for suspect accused of Savannah State University student murder postponed

Trial for suspect accused of Savannah State University student murder postponed

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -The trial for the man charged in the death of a Savannah State University student in 2015 has been postponed yet again.

Chris Starks was shot at the student union in August 2015, but no one was arrested in the case until April 2018.

Justin Stephens was in court on Wednesday. He’s facing 10 charges in the case, including malice and felony murder, aggravated assault and gun charges. This comes after the shooting death of 22-year-old Chris Starks in 2015. Officials say Starks was shot at the Student Union.

Starks was a junior at SSU from the metro Atlanta area. The GBI says Starks was reportedly involved in an argument inside the Student Union where he was shot.

More than two years after the shooting Stephens was arrested.

The state filed a motion for continuance on the trial, which the judge granted. The problem involves witnesses for the trial. Prosecutors have subpoenaed many but there is one person the state has not been able to contact yet.

“He is a material witness in that he was present during the shooting death of Christopher Starks," said Chatham County Assistant District Attorney Noah Abrams. "In fact, he rendered aid Mr. Starks while he was lying there at the Savannah State University 'U' as they call it.”

By postponing the case, this gives the state more time to serve the witness and it helps with scheduling conflicts.

WTOCspoke to Starks’ mom last year about the case. She says the trial or arrest will not bring her son back but she is grateful the GBI never gave up.

“We just couldn’t give up," said Starks’ mother. "It’s been rough and it’s been hard.”

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