Weather conditions cause concern for Bulloch Co. farmers

Weather conditions cause concern for Bulloch Co. farmers

BULLOCH CO., Ga. (WTOC) -Recent weather conditions are continuing to cause concern for farmers in the Bulloch County area.

Many farmers are starting to worry that their season could be over before it starts due to recent record-breaking temperatures with no rain in weeks, causing many to avoid planting in hopes of rainfall.

Crops that have already been planted are barely pushing through as there is little to no moisture to help them grow. The sunshine and heat are no help either, damaging crops further.

The moisture that the plants do have come from irrigation systems, which are costly but necessary to run daily. Some farmers are worried that they could run out of water for these systems to work before the next rainfall.

“It’s hard [for farmers] to keep up under these conditions by just using irrigation,” says Bill Tyson, an employee of the UGA County Extension Service in Bulloch County. “Without some rain in the next few days farmers must make some tough decisions about how much they want to invest in planting this crop and [they are] hoping for the best or stopping this early to keep from losing any more money - and waiting to see what happens.”

The area is not far behind in the average amounts of rain usually seen in the month of May, but is slightly behind for the year. Record breaking temperatures are just drying out what little moisture the crops have seen this year.

Growers and others are worried taht their window of opportunity to grow for this season could close without rain.

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