Three insurance myths busted before hurricane season

Three insurance myths busted before hurricane season

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - An insurance agent highlighted three big myths when it comes to insuring your car and house in case of a tropical storm.

The first myth, and most common, is that typical homeowner's insurance covers flood damage. That is not true.

"A lot of people think 'Oh, it's covered under my home insurance and I'm good.' That's a misconception so once you purchase flood insurance through the national provider, there's a 30-day wait,” insurance agent Beth Lanier said.

That leads to myth number two. Some people think you can just buy flood insurance when a storm is coming. You can't. You must wait 30 days for it to apply.

Lanier encourages everyone to buy flood insurance, even if you're not in an area in the floodplain.

"Flood waters do not know where to stop,” she said.

Also, with the floodplain changing, you could find yourself in one soon. You save a lot of money getting the coverage before that happens.

"If you already have it, you're grandfathered in. We always encourage people to get it and have peace of mind and if things do change, you're grandfathered in at that lower price,” Lanier said.

Myth number three involves your car. People think parking a car in your garage allows home insurance to cover it. That is not true. You need comprehensive coverage on your car insurance.

Overall, now is the time to review your policy and know what you have.

Lanier says she has noticed a shift in knowledge about this stuff given how active the last few years have been. As she tells customers, the small amount you spend on insurance beats the thousands you could pay without proper coverage.

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