Statesboro Fire’s ISO rating could mean lower home insurance for some

Statesboro Fire's ISO ratings could mean lower home insurance

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Residents who live outside the Statesboro city limits could soon see a drop in insurance costs due to upgrades in the waterlines used to fight fires.

Statesboro’s fire chief says they’ve worked for months with neighborhoods just outside the city limits, the private water companies that serve them, and the county fire departments to get the ISO rating improved, and hopefully, save homeowners lots of money.

Statesboro Fire Department covers a five-mile radius outside the city just like it does inside, but a lack of water hydrants has kept home insurance rates higher in some of those areas, costing some people hundreds of dollars a year. Tuesday, Fire Chief Tim Grams told City Council they’d been notified the rating in those areas will drop from an 8B down to like a 2 like the rest of the city. He credits developers and water companies for their work.

“Them going in and fixing systems, updating them, collecting the data, all that in itself was a huge piece of it,” Grams said.

Chief Grams says homeowners could see those savings as soon as September.

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