Good News: Urban Hope Summer Camp

Good News: Urban Hope Summer Camp

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Urban Hope summer campers are not spending their summer doing nothing. They’re actually doing a little bit of everything.

There are a lot of possibilities for how to spend the summer. Some are more exciting than others.

“We’re going to be going on a lot of field trips and playing games over the summer and having fun and learning,” said summer camp participant, Gladys Ngogu.

Learning is actually a little higher on the list of goals at the Urban Hope Summer Camp - a program where classwork, projects, and revisiting studies are never far behind the fun and games.

Many Savannah kids are spending their summer mixing math and science, as well as art, gardening and other educational experiences, with weekly day trips and play days.

“By having the reading and math program, it keeps their mind focused on the schoolwork so when they go back to school, it’s not like, ‘oh man, I haven’t done this all summer long.’ It’s like we’re there, we never stopped, but I had fun at the same time doing what I’m doing,” said camp leader, Jacquelyn Harmon.

“A student leader helps the children with their homework or any projects they need, or just to come to us. It’s a wonderful program. We help the students in so many ways,” said student leader, Alicia Cromartie.

For 15 years, the summer camp has been a seasonal extension of the Urban Hope after school program, making a couple of months off a productive time for thousands of area kids.

The Urban Hope camp doesn’t just give kids a lot to do, it keeps them from things they shouldn’t be doing.

“It gives them safe shelter, somewhere to be that is safe. Parents don’t have to worry about them getting into trouble. We have sewing and computer, we do Bible study every Tuesday.”

“There’s a lot of games you can play, and it’s really helpful in helping you with your school grades.”

“It’s a wonderful program. The kids are sweet. Everybody is sweet towards each other. It’s love and kindness, so much love, that’s the main thing.”

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