Parents, kids taught bicycle safety at event in Garden City

Parents, kids taught bicycle safety at event in Garden City

GARDEN CITY, Ga. (WTOC) - The Garden City Police Department and safety experts made sure kids had the right tools to ride their bikes.

Officers and sponsors shared safety tips and gave away helmets at a bike rodeo on Saturday.

Kids could practice signals, starting and stopping in an obstacle course. They also had the chance to be fitted for and taught about what kind of helmet is right for them.

The school outreach coordinator for Georgia Safe Routes to School says there are some easy tips to follow.

"The ‘v’ of the helmet needs to be underneath the ears. That way, if the helmet does get lifted slightly, it catches on the ears. The strap underneath the neck, two fingers underneath. Any looser, it's kind of going to wobble, won't protect the head as well. Any tighter, the kid's not going to want to wear it. We also want to make sure they're protecting the front of their forehead. It's a very, very important part of the brain, especially when it's developing. Two fingers above the eyebrows,” School Outreach Coordinator Chelsea Carter said.

She also says it’s important to always ride your bike in the same direction as traffic, and if you’re on the sidewalk to pay attention to pedestrians.

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