Effingham Co. deputies searching for man who tied up, abandoned dog

Effingham Co. deputies searching for man who tied up, abandoned dog

EFFINGHAM CO., Ga. (WTOC) - The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man who was captured on surveillance footage abandoning a dog outside the animal shelter early Sunday morning.

Deputies say at approximately 1:45 a.m., the guy tied a Rottweiler up to a pole at the animal shelter and left the dog there. The man was driving a white sedan.

Fortunately, the dog was in good health when found. It wasn’t until about 7 a.m. the next morning when a worker came in and found him. While the intentions may have been good, the shelter director says that person actually put the dog in a good amount of danger.

“There were terrible thunderstorms last night, so he didn’t have very good access to shelter, number one,” said Lorna Shelton, Director, Effingham County Animal Shelter.

Shelton says the dog was additionally exposed to other animals, vulnerable to attack being tied up. She says the site she runs is a municipal shelter, meaning its primary focus is helping Humane Enforcement officers take care of animals they bring in off the streets throughout the county.

While they do take in owner surrendered animals, Shelton says it’s on the owner of the animal to find a new home for their pet if they want to give it up.

“We can help you, but again, that’s kind of something that we work in between our regular jobs, so we do that as a courtesy for folks, and I think they have a misconception that the shelter is meant for just dropping off pets, and it’s not," Shelton said.

Shelton explained why it’s so important to find this man, and what they hope to find out.

“The Humane Enforcement officer would just like to speak to the person that brought him in,” she said. “Number one, we may need to know where he came from, how did he acquire him? Was it a situation that needs to be looked at further? That’s why we’re looking for the gentleman who tied him up to the post.”

Anyone who can help with identifying the man should contact Sgt. Williams at 912-754-4195.

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