Teens identified on video vandalizing StoneWalk neighborhood

Vandals hit Rincon neighborhood

RINCON, Ga. (WTOC) - UPDATE: The Rincon Police Department has been investigating a recent vandalism in the StoneWalk neighborhood.

Several videos and photos show teenage boys spray-painting the walls in the pool area. The two have been identified as a 12-year-old and 8-year-old.

Rincon PD releases surveillance video of teens vandalizing StoneWalk Neighborhood
Rincon Police release surveillance video of teens vandalizing StoneWalk Neighborhood


Recently, a Rincon neighborhood has been the target of vandalism.

The crimes are prompting police to start a new program meant to bring neighbors together to look out for that kind of activity.

Driving around the StoneWalk neighborhood, WTOC found several locations where someone graffitied either on the road or on the buildings. It’s something you really need to keep an eye out for during the summertime, especially when school’s out.

“It’s a cycle actually, and it’s one that we’re not happy to see occur every year, but when they get out of school, at times, these kinds of things happen,” said Mark Gerbino, Police Chief, Rincon PD.

Chief Gerbino says surveillance cameras actually caught the vandals in action, confirming kids were behind defacing the neighborhood property.

“StoneWalk was hit by a bunch of kids that have poor judgement, bad energy, and spray paint cans,” the chief said.

One way the police department hopes to put a stop to - or at least slow down this kind of behavior - is starting what’s called the Rincon Home Watch Program.

Chief Gerbino says they’ll be educating residents on how to deal with a variety of problems, including vandalism.

“These kids come from homes, so part of what Rincon Home Watch will do is put this on our slate of presentations and have parents try to accept responsibility for your children. Know when they’re not home and know what their activities are.”

The chief says they will begin the program in the coming weeks.

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