7-year-old Statesboro boy expected to recover after being struck by lightning

7-year-old Statesboro boy expected to recover after being struck by lightning

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - We’re learning more about the lightning strike we told you about that sent a Statesboro child to the hospital on Tuesday.

A seven-year-old boy was outside on South College Street when he was struck by lightning.

You can see the damage the raw power of the lightning strike did to the tree, blowing a hole in the ground underneath. One neighbor we spoke with says it happened before anybody could react.

The playground at Bonnie Glen Apartments sat empty Wednesday - a total contrast to the frenzy on Tuesday. Charles Saffles was outside with his wife when it exploded before their eyes.

“This blue bolt of lightning, or bluish pink , comes out of the sky, strikes that tree over there. I told her to go inside instantly because you could feel the electricity in the air,” Saffles said.

He and others spotted the boy on the ground. He’d been riding his bike when the lightning hit the tree five feet from him. Charles and another neighbor called 911 for help. Kerri Borgman took one of those calls.

“At one point, the lightning was still coming down, and I could here it coming through on my headset, which is crazy. You just want to get help there,” she said.

Help arrived in less than five minutes to rush the little boy to the hospital. Charles calls it a terrible fluke that the little boy was outside when it happened.

“There was barely any rain. Like I said, no sounds of thunder. It just literally happened out of nowhere,” he said.

Charles says its like nothing he’s ever seen before, or wants to see ever again.

Police tell us the boy has left the hospital and is expected to recover.

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