City of Savannah working to improve pedestrian safety

City of Savannah working to improve pedestrian safety

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The city of Savannah wants to make walking around the city safer.

City council members have a plan in place to improve the numerous crosswalks from downtown Savannah all the way to the Southside.

Whether it's Bay or Abercorn Street, some locals choose not to cross some of these busy streets. But, the city is hoping to make area crosswalks more visible to drivers, making it safer to cross.

Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach says the city has set aside around $50,000 to improve area crosswalks. The improvements include adding signage and repainting the older crosswalks.

Some crosswalks are even getting flashing lights to alert drivers when a person is crossing the street. Last year, the city installed several of these flashing lights at nearby crosswalks along Whitaker and Drayton streets. A crew completed around 345 crosswalks last year, and they hope to do more this year.

The city has also been buying radar signs and making improvements to the crosswalks around Forsyth. Mayor DeLoach says in some areas they’re actually having to go one step further, like at the intersection of Drayton and Hall streets where they plan to add a red light. He say once it’s installed, drivers will be forced to stop in order to let people cross the street.

“It’ll be a great addition here, because no matter how often you have the flashing lights and how often you feel good about it, you’d probably feel better having that stop light. We feel like this stop light will make a big difference in how confident people feel about crossing the road here,” says Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach.

It’s just one of many changes coming to Drayton and Whitaker streets in order to improve pedestrian safety. There’s no word yet on when the red light will be installed, but the city says they hope it will be soon.

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