Weather causes heavy flooding in areas of Savannah

Weather causes heavy flooding in areas of Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The rain causing heavy flooding in our area. One area particularly affected was Mark Circle in Savannah.

“I’ve been here again around 30 years. This is the first time I’ve seen this," said resident, Kathy All.

By “this,” Kathy All means Mark Circle being completely underwater.

“So when I got to turn in, there was a car parked here and he was just stopped, but I mean the water was already up to here, so there was just a bunch of neighbors saying, 'well how are we going to get through this," All said.

Other residents, like 18-year-old Garrett Tillman, heard about this incredible flooding before even turning into his neighborhood.

“I was at work and my mom called me about her car that we were just working on, so I got off work and saw it and said, 'I’m not about to go through that," Tillman said.

Around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, the water made the road impassable to most cars and covering the road signs. That’s when residents jumped in to help. Tillman started shuttling residents to their houses and other residents started pulling debris like trash bags, litter, wood and pine straw from the drain.

“Well, people come together. Like the guys with the pick-up trucks who have shuttled people back and forth, and this guy digging debris out of the drain, so yes, neighbors being neighbors.”

These Berwick residents say they will be following up with the city Wednesday to prevent this from happening again.

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