Coastal Health District warns against standing, playing in floodwater

Dangers of standing in floodwater

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The storms we’ve had over the past few days dumped a good amount of rain across our area, causing water to pool up in spots that don’t normally see flooding.

While out getting video of flooding, WTOC also saw some people out in the floodwater, either playing in it or just walking, or in some cases, kayaking.

It’s something you may want to reconsider, though, especially if you take a second to think about what’s actually in the water - either seen or unseen. Breaking down to the microbial level, water runoff can contain a variety of harmful bacteria, from things like animal feces and even pesticides, if you live near an agricultural area.

If floodwater gets in your mouth, if can lead to gastrointestinal issues, or cause open cuts, scratches, or rashes to become infected. Coastal areas have an added level of danger in floodwater that the Coastal Health District director detailed for us.

“In a coastal area that has maybe been flooding, and a high tide like we’re having now, and the salt water or brackish water comes into the standing water and contaminates it, we’ve all heard about the flesh-eating bacteria that we have that’s in our salt water. That could potentially be in there," said Dr. Lawton Davis, Coastal Health District.

Also, don’t forget about things like snakes. I there was a storm that led to the flooding, there’s the potential for downed power lines too. Bottom line, don’t get into flood water if you don’t have to.

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