Familiar Savannah face handing over his command at Hunter Army Airfield

Familiar Savannah face handing over his command at Hunter Army Airfield

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A familiar face around Savannah is handing over his command at Hunter Army Airfield.

Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Dwyer is taking a new step in his career and passing off his job as Garrison Commander.

Not only is Lt. Col. Dwyer a familiar face around town, but a lot of people can say they have their own personal stories with him as he has made such an impact in Savannah.

“This has absolutely, without a doubt, been the most military friendly community I have ever been a part of," Lt. Col. Dwyer said.

When WTOC’s Crystal Howard first saw Lt. Col. Dwyer around Savannah, it was at a school board meeting. He was there listening and showing his commitment, not only to our country, but also to our community.

During his two years of command, he impacted many lives and did hundreds of speaking engagements, and the list goes on.

“Every single day and every single engagement that I’ve had in the community...you can feel the people really, really do care, and it’s been really special,” he said.

A few months ago, Howard saw him again, this time at the gym. She thanked him for his service, and he gave her this instruction. He told her not to cry over his traumatic past, but to be happy he’s here today.

Lt. Col. Dwyer lost his hand and eye during his third combat mission in Afghanistan back in 2006. He served with the third special forces group

“I don’t wear the other eyeball at all now because I’m so proud of my guys and what they have done, and I appreciate it when people say something or ask me about it or tell me about your eyes because it gives me the opportunity to talk about all the great men and women I have served with throughout my career,” he said. "Plus, I like to kinda gross people out.”

One thing he’s taught Howard is, no matter the circumstance, we must look at the bright sides of life - just like he has.

Lt. Col. Dwyer’s next stop is Fort Bragg. He’ll take his wife, two children, and memories of our military friendly community.

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