Celebrating 65 Years: WTOC’s relationship with community

Celebrating 65 Years: WTOC’s relationship with community

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As we look back on WTOC’s 65 years, one constant carries through the years - helping people and groups that help others.

We’ve proudly been part of efforts to help those in need and help people improve the lives of others.

Find a cause in the Coastal Empire, and chances are you’ll find WTOC in the middle of it. Through the years, the station has been a media partner to plenty of nonprofit groups that help people throughout our region.

Esther Sheppard leads the Southeast and Coastal Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross.

“Without the support of WTOC, there are plenty of initiatives over the years that would have not been as successful,” she said.

The station has used its platform to help rally the community come together in a time of crisis, but it often goes deeper than than coverage of a story. Sometimes, it’s personal. The late Don Logana organized coworkers and the community to walk to fight Multiple Sclerosis. Mike Manhatton became an advocate against colon cancer. Dawn Baker mentors young ladies through her foundation. Dal Canady’s Walk for Red Cross helped local disaster victims.

“The partnership with WTOC over the years has been invaluable,” Sheppard said. “Whether it’s a walk, a telethon, any kind of event that they take time to support. That makes all the difference in the world.”

Sheppard says that support helps make the community a better place for all.

“It’s when you have those relationships where you have them on speed dial and they have you on speed dial that go a long, long way, and it’s crucial,” she said.

It’s crucial to us as well.

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