Chatham County Youth Commission recognized by county commissioners

Chatham County Youth Commission recognized by county commissioners

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Chatham County Youth Commission has graduated another class, and were recognized by Chatham County Commissioners at Friday’s meeting.

Since 1992, the Chatham County Youth Commission has introduced young people to the governmental process and helped to develop their leadership skills.

Friday, each graduating member shared with commissioners where they will attend college in the fall, as well as the concentration of their studies. The group’s director, Van Johnson, also spoke about the group.

“For us, for the past 27 years, this day never gets old, for me, for us, as we unleash a new cadre of energetic, well-prepared young people on this unsuspecting world, ready to make an impact, ready to make a difference. Ready to make their difference," said Johnson, Director, Chatham County Youth Commission.

Youth Commission prospects were also on-hand to watch their peers be recognized at the meeting.

Seniors who graduated say not only was the day emotional, but it was also exciting to see everyone branching off into a new journey in their life. With many of the students off to college and into the next phase, the Youth Commission’s Chairwoman, Riche Williams, says the program has helped her become more of a leader, but it has also helped her create a foundation and a voice for the youth in the community.

“Sometimes our voices get overlooked by adults just because of how young we are, so we want to make a difference in that and change that opinion of youth and kids in America, in Savannah, because we actually do have an opinion and our opinions matter," Williams said.

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