Good News: ‘Summer Angels’ spend time with elders

Good News: Summer Angels

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Nothing can lift this spirits of older people - like younger people.

The Summer Angels Program brings generations together every year at Senior Citizens Inc.

“Everywhere they go, they are just a burst of sunshine and energy, and it changes the dynamic anywhere they go,” said Patti Lyons, President, Senior Citizens Inc.

The Summer Angels Program has had that type of effect for 10 years. A group of middle schoolers spends a week of their summer to brighten the days of older adults through games, dancing, or just spending time together.

“Usually, they’re really happy when we come in and exicted, and sometimes, they’re surprised when we’re talking to them,” said Maddy Dick, SCI Summer Angel.

“The man I’m with now, we played chess and now we’re coloring together,” said Osten Sayers, SCI Summer Angel.

The shared activities aren’t just filling summer days; they’re making lifelong memories.

“The parents are always amazed when we tell them what they’ve done. They’ve mowed grass for older adults, they’re delivering meals, they’re making memory boxes for people to give gifts to their families. Most of all, they’re spending time with these older adults. They dance, they sing, and it’s just so good for both of them."

The Summer Angels have been doing this for the past 10 years.

“As long as there are kids that want to do it, we are here, because it’s the best part of summer.”

Over the last decade, several of the students who have participated have gone on to study elder care in college, and now work in the profession.

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