Grant funding to help Chatham County Juvenile Court

Grant funding to help Chatham County Juvenile Court

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Grant funding will help two vital functions of Chatham County’s Juvenile Courts continue the mission of serving young people and their families who are going through difficult times.

Chatham County Commission had to approve accepting the grants that were given by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council to Juvenile Court in Chatham County. Now that it’s done, the money will go a long way. Just over $150,000 will go towards their operations.

It was a formality - and one that passed easily on the Commission’s action calendar. The funds will benefit two components of Chatham County Juvenile Court: the Specialized Probation and Rehabilitation Court, known as SPARC, and the Family Treatment Court.

SPARC’s mission is to improve community safety through specialized probation by collaborating and connecting families with services in the community. Family Treatment Court’s goal is to secure safe and permanent families for children by addressing drug abuse of a parent or caregiver.

“I think the misconception for juvenile court for a lot of the community is that it is meant for punitive and punishment reasons, when in fact the juvenile legal code is quite the opposite in that it’s rehabilitation and treatment," said Alisha Markle, Acting Court Administrator.

The county will provide a match on the grant funding of nearly $20,000.

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