Severe rain forces Bloomingdale residents out of mobile home park

Severe rain forces Bloomingdale residents out of mobile home park

BLOOMINGDALE, Ga. (WTOC) -Severe rain earlier this week has forced some people from their homes in Bloomingdale. Flood waters have done more than just cover their driveways.

Water surrounded several mobile homes in Morgan’s Mobile Home park in Bloomingdale after a week of heavy rain. The problem is not only the water around the homes, it’s what’s getting inside that’s forcing some from their homes.

Rainshowers brought the Little Ogeechee River out of its banks and into the yards of homes here. Neighbors like Drenda Randell have been worried for days as it got closer and closer this week.

“I woke up this morning it was even more flooded,” said Randell. "The water was underneath the back of my trailer, the shed is in the water. A lot of the houses, they can’t walk up to the house without going through ankle deep water. "

Worse than the flooded yards and driveways was the sewer system. The wet ground has backed up the septic lines into the homes.

“Hygiene,” said Randell. “ can’t shower..can’t it’s...” Randall trailed off, exasparated.

She says she contacted the city of Bloomingdale, as well as FEMA. Fire crews came out to assess the problem today and Red Cross responders have helped ten families with funds for hotel stays until the water retreats and they can use their homes again.

“it’s like water world,” said Randall. "I spoke to my family today and said “welcome to water world”.

With more rain in the forecast, this water level could be like this way longer than anybody wants.

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