Draft of new special events ordinance could be heading to Savannah City Council

Draft of new special events ordinance could be heading to Savannah City Council

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Those living in Savannah could soon feel less of an impact from special events.

The city is working on a special events ordinance to help better manage the events happening around town. The first draft of this special events ordinance could soon be in the hands of the Savannah City Council members.

For about a year now, the city has been working with neighborhood groups, tourism boards, event teams, and others to create the city’s first ever events ordinance.

This ordinance would help the city when it comes to allowing various events to take place around town.

Those drafting the ordinance say Saturday morning races shouldn’t follow the same route. This ordinance would help the city determine how many races would be allowed to take place on any given day and how many times a specific route could be used for a run.

The ordinance would also help the city deal with film crews. Rules and regulations would be in place to help spread the filming out so that it doesn’t continue to impact just one specific street or area.

They would also try to decrease some of the impacts.

Members of the Downtown Neighborhood Association say the Hostess City is losing money when hosting special events. Members of the DNA hope the new ordinance will include larger permit fees to help offset some of the lost revenue.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association’s president says when no one can park in that blocked off parking space, the city loses a chance to make money. And when you have several blocks of parking blocked off, the city really misses out on some major revenue.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association is helping to draft the upcoming special events ordinance. They propose higher permit fees for various events taking place in the city. An official with the city says student permits cost $50 each and professional permits begin at $275.

The city says, so far in 2019, the film office has issued more than 150 permits, both for professional and student films.

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