Habitat for Humanity starts ‘Cost of Home’ campaign in Savannah

Habitat for Humanity starts ‘Cost of Home’ campaign in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Habitat for Humanity says one out of eight families in Georgia spends more than half of their income on a place to live.

The group hopes voters can help them change that.

Habitat for Humanity of Georgia launched the “Cost of Home” Campaign here in Savannah. The mission is simple: Access to affordable housing.

Governor Kemp signed a bill this year to help groups associated with Habitat for Humanity. The bill would exempt those groups from paying property taxes on donated vacant lots.

“It helps Habitat, because during the time that they’re in possession of the lot and it’s not in the process of having a home constructed, they’re exempted from this fee - basically, this tax that they normally would be paying - and so it helps their bottom line, and if you can help their bottom line, then they can build more houses," said State Representative, Matthew Gambill, District 15, Georgia.

Voters will be able to decide on this issue when they head to the polls in November 2020.

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