SSU acknowledges NCAA infractions, hit with penalties

Tigers fined, placed on probation after Level II infractions

SSU acknowledges NCAA infractions, hit with penalties

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Savannah State Tigers has acknowledged NCAA infractions regarding student-athlete eligibility from 2013-2018 involving ten Tiger teams.

The NCAA says SSU improperly certified 43 student-athletes, with many of the issues stemming from a failure to certify amateurism and progress-toward-degree requirements. The university also allowed two student-athletes with expired eligibility and two nonqualifiers to compete, according to the NCAA.

Savannah State says the 10 teams involved are baseball, football, men’s and women’s basketball, softball, volleyball, men’s and women’s track and field, men’s cross country, and men’s golf.

“As a fundamental obligation of NCAA membership, schools must ensure that all student-athletes are properly certified, both prior to participation in college athletics and on a continuing basis throughout their enrollment,” the committee said in its decision.

The NCAA has issued the Tigers several penalties, including a self-imposed $5,000 fine. SSU’s athletic program will also be placed on two years probation and the Tigers must vacate any regular season or conference tournament records in which ineligible student-athletes competed.

Savannah State says they have adopted and will fully comply with the NCAA corrective actions.

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