Zoning amendment pertaining to campaign signs canceled in Savannah

Council asks Savannah city staff to amend zoning pertaining to campaign signs

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - You may have noticed campaign signs already popping up around the City of Savannah. Candidates are staking out prime real estate with the highest visibility.

City staff put together amendments for council to consider that would change zoning pertaining to campaign signs at this week’s regular council meeting, but the motion was cancelled.

You’ll find the signs in every district, with several incumbents on council being challenged in the upcoming election this November, including the mayor. Some are your standard size, and some a little larger.

The city does have some regulations when campaign signs get to a certain size, typically four-by-four feet and four-by-eight feet, according to a council member we spoke to. Signs do have to be on private property and not cause blight, but in the past few weeks, some candidates with signs on private property, with permission, were cited by the city and told they need to apply for permits for each sign.

Council asked city staff to amend the zoning pertaining to campaign signs and present a motion at Thursday’s meeting for them to consider, but the motion was canceled soon after the regular meeting started.

Alderman Van Johnson also wanted to set one thing straight on the record, asking the acting city manager about the citations already handed out for the signs.

“It also means, Mr. City Manager, that people who have received warnings or things that look like city-issued citations for that particular issue, that those are void and they can be disregarded," Alderman Johnson said.

Mayor Eddie DeLoach says they will wait until after the election to address the issue sizes of campaign signs on private property.

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