It’s Global Smurfs Day!


As Papa Smurf would say, “It’s the Smurfiest Day of the Year!”

Why do Smurfs fans celebrate June 25? Belgian cartoonist Pierre Cullifort “Peyo," who created the Smurfs, was born on June 25, 1928, and now the day will forever be Smurf-a-rific.

The Smurfs was first introduced to a Belgian audience 1958 as series of comic characters. In French, they were known as Les Schtroumpfs. The tiny village of little blue creatures with their signature white hats gained popularity in the United States after Hanna-Barbera created a Saturday morning animated series in 1981. Thanks to heavy merchandising, and later two movies produced in the 2000s, the Smurfs remain popular to this day.

Have some fun with us and tell us: What’s your Smurf name?

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