Specific parking spaces to get lower rates in Savannah

Specific parking spaces to get lower rates in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - You could soon be paying less for certain parking spaces in downtown Savannah.

The city says they are making some changes to their latest parking structure which includes lowering the parking rate in a certain area of downtown. In 2018, the city implemented a new parking structure which required drivers pay one to two dollars per hour depending on where they parked.

Last month, the city released an online survey asking people what they thought about lowering the parking rate between the areas of Bay and Oglethorpe and Lincoln and Habersham. People who park in this area are currently charged $2 per hour. The new rate will be $1.

Right now, this area of town is seeing too many open spaces. So, the city wants to lower the rate in order to fill these spaces again.

Around 400 people took the survey last month with around 87 percent saying they were in favor of the change.

People seem to also be liking the longer service times of the city’s free DOT shuttle which is operated by Chatham Area Transit. The Forsyth Park shuttle moved around 40,000 passengers last month.

When it comes to changing the parking rate, you can expect it to take place July 1.

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