GBI working to curb domestic violence in the state

GBI working to curb domestic violence in the state

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Top leaders with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) said domestic violence cases are very dangerous calls across the state.

In some cases, it’s emotional for their own officers.

The GBI keeps track of murders and assaults against officers and some of these cases stem from domestic abusers who have weapons.

Due to this, there have been many discussions on the legislative floor about keeping guns out of domestic abusers’ hands.

House Bill 137 is one in particular.

It said anyone convicted of family violence offenses should not possess or carry a gun.

State lawmakers could pick this up next legislative session.

Vic Reynolds, the director of the GBI, said anything they can do to protect agents while answering these cases is one of his goals.

“These are the most, or one of the top two or three emotional circumstances an officer steps in the middle of. If an individual has had a previous domestic violence situation, particularly a conviction, then I think there is a very strong argument that individual does not need to have a weapon,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds said he used to see these cases as an officer and a prosecutor as well. He said he would be in favor of any legislation that protects officers and others from offenders with guns.

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