Mayr scores ridiculous game winner for Tormenta 2

The 60+ yarder late in the game gave Tormenta 2 a 3-2 win over Dalton

Mayr scores ridiculous game winner for Tormenta 2

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) -Luca Mayr says he practices the shot a good bit. He’s confident in it.

“I give you ten more shots like that. How many are you making?" asks WTOC Sports’ Jake Wallace.

“All ten,” Mayr laughs.

He didn’t need ten of them Sunday night. Just one at the exact right time.

The 23 year old from Austria uncorked a shot from 63 yards away in the 88th minute Sunday night, then watched as it sailed just over the outstretched arm of the Dalton goalkeeper and under the crossbar for the game-winning goal.

“When I took the shot, I just heard Ryo [Shimazaki], our left back, going ‘Yes, yes. That’s going in,’" Mayr says. "I saw it hit the net, but I wasn’t sure if it hit the net behind the goal or in the goal. So it took me a while to realize. Even the players around me told me it took them a second to realize it went in.”

While the shot may have seemed ill-advised to some, Mayr says it wasn’t just a shot in the dark. He had a good feeling about it when he kicked.

“Every game when I don’t have the ball and I have the space to look around, I take note of how far the goalkeeper is out of goal,” he notes. “I’ve seen a lot of professional players score like that. David Beckham, one of my favorite players scored a goal similar to that. So I always try to see where the goal keeper is and luckily it worked out like that.”

The win helps keep Tormenta 2 on top of the Deep South Division in USL League Two. The club is back in action Thursday at S.C. United Bantams.

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