Bryan County EMS adds new rescue boat to fleet

Bryan County EMS adds new rescue boat to fleet

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Bryan County EMS has added another rescue boat to their fleet to help with water rescues and recoveries.

They got the boat through a government transfer. That means another county just signed over the boat for use.

The boat will not only allow the department to conduct search and rescues, but with the fire pump on the boat as well, it will also allow them to provide limited water supply to certain areas.

“Already this summer, we’ve been on three or four incidents that I know of on the water, and it’s something we would not have been able to respond to in the past," said Michael Dick, Bryan County EMS, Deputy Chief.

Chief Dick says the new rescue boat will make them stand out from other departments.

“One thing we bring to the table that the other ones don’t as much, is we can have the paramedics on board, so if we have an emergency out on the waterways, then we have the capabilities of going out and actually treating the patient on the scene instead of waiting for them to come all the way back in by a personal boat."

“We’re adding another level of commitment and another level of resources to the county, all the taxpayers, all the people that live in Bryan County, this is another resource for them.”

Dick says not only will it add resources to their own department, but it will also be an asset to surrounding departments as well, such as Georgia DNR and the Coast Guard.

“We’re game wardens, and there’s not that many of us," said Phillip Scott, Georgia DNR, Game Warden. “There’s six for these two counties, and there’s a handful in Chatham County. That’s not a lot of officers. We don’t maintain a shift where there’s somebody out in a boat, 24 hours, 7 days a week. That just can’t happen. We don’t have enough officers, and if there’s somebody else that can assist with that, we view that as a big plus."

Chief Dick says things can happen just as quickly out on the water as they can on land because of the big boating community in Bryan County. He says the new boat will also help them decrease their response time as well.

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