Did the work get done? Checking behind your mechanic

Did the work get done? Checking behind your mechanic

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Many of you will hit the road at some point this summer for a family trip, or just to get out. Of course, getting a car tune-up is something you’ll likely do before that trip.

Car maintenance is necessary. We’ve had people call us and say work they paid for didn’t get done, so we got answers on how to check behind your mechanic.

The shop is a place none of us like to see our car. When it’s time to find one, Rick Broussard at RPM Autoworx says one thing is most important.

“Transparency is always key,” Broussard said. “You want to find a shop that thinks about the long-term relationship over the short-term financial gain.”

If a part needs to be repaired, ask for the old one to make sure it’s replaced. When it comes to that repair, don’t let someone force you into getting the work done.

“If you get an uneasy feeling, then it’s okay for you to say, ‘let me get a second opinion,’ and take your car to another shop for a second opinion."

When it comes to regular maintenance like an oil change, there are some things you can do to follow behind a mechanic.

“One thing you may want to do after an oil change is make sure the fluid level is correct. You want to look at the cleanliness of the oil. It needs to look cleaner than it was before when you came in,” Broussard said. “Another thing you can do is mark your tires. Make sure the rotation was done. If not, ask for an explanation as to why.”

Lastly, check your fluid levels. Make sure they got refilled as well. Broussard says the best thing is to develop a relationship with a shop, and only take your car there.

“Once you develop a relationship with the shop, then you’ll be able to tell the quality of their work, the workmanship. You’ll be able to tell if they follow through with what they say they’ll follow through on.”

Another good tip: Broussard suggests asking the shop how they pay their employees. Make sure they don’t get bonuses for up-selling products to customers.

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