Brighter Day in Savannah supporting local farmers

Published: Jun. 27, 2019 at 9:58 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - There are nearly 10 million acres of farmland in Georgia.

A lot of the crops are shipped across the world, but there is a store in Savannah that’s committed to keeping the bond strong between local farmers and the community.

“I love all the farmers that I work with. They are so amazing,” said produce manager, Jessica Trevett.

Jessica Trevett has spent the last eight years working with local farmers at Brighter Day, making sure they have an outlet to get their crops directly into the community.

“I think it is definitely a mutually beneficial connection. Whenever they come in to drop off, I love being able to see them and catch up with them, you know, see how they are doing, how are their families doing, how are the fields doing, what are the conditions like right now, what is going to be coming next," she said.

One of those local farmers, Shirley Daughtry, is the first organic farmer in the state of Georgia.

“The quality is just paramount. Everything that she grows is just delicious and fresh and beautiful."

In addition to the food grown on Daughtry’s farm in Guyton, Brighter Day offers produce from a handful of farms, all in the state of Georgia.

“We also work with seaport mushrooms, which is a mushroom growing operation right here in Savannah. They are absolutely gorgeous, delicious oyster mushrooms,” Trevett said.

From typical produce to food that is unique to our region, Trevett is committed to showcasing local farmers work to the people of Savannah.

“When you buy at a local place, it is going towards the community. When you shop at a chain, you are just kind of supporting a chain that could exist anywhere. Places like Brighter Day make cities more special, more magical, and more fun."

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