City of Rincon kicks off July 4 celebration with 8th Annual ‘Let Freedom Ring’ event

City of Rincon kicks off July 4 celebration with 8th Annual ‘Let Freedom Ring’ event

RINCON, Ga. (WTOC) - It was a fun night in Rincon Friday as thousands gathered together to kick off Fourth of July celebrations.

The 8th Annual Let Freedom Ring event was complete with food trucks, a play area for the kids, and the biggest event of all - the fireworks.

“Who doesn’t like fireworks? It’s America’s birthday. It’s a good cause. The kids love it. Obviously, people love the vendors. They love coming out and trying different foods. Most importantly, something for the kids to do," said Joseph Pilat, City of Rincon.

“Anytime we can celebrate our independence - probably the greatest thing we can celebrate in this country - the City of Rincon is proud to be a part of that and encourage that," said Mayor Ken Lee, City of Rincon.

“Everybody comes together as one family in order to celebrate. This is our Fourth of July event, so everyone just comes to town," said Earlisa Hall, Sweet Confections.

Tucked away in the tents, but in the center of people’s minds was the Mission 22 nonprofit - a national organization offering services and support to veterans with PTSD.

“It brings us home. It allows us to talk to the veterans. That’s what we are here for. You can talk to certain veterans, and I’ll get chills that run down my back because of certain stories that we talk about," said Curt McDonald, United States Marine Corps.

Their goal is to combat veteran suicide.

Curt McDonald served five years in the United States Marine Corps as a helicopter crew chief. He always shakes a hand of a fellow veteran. The grip strengthens during this poignant holiday.

“I’m glad they came home. I glad they can shake my hand, because there are a lot of unfortunate ones that were not able to come home," he said.

The city anticipates nearly 5-6,000 people came out to enjoy the food trucks, inflatables, local businesses, and family fun.

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