Beaufort man mows shape of American Flag into lawn

American Flag cut into lawn

BEAUFORT, Sc. (WTOC) - A lot of people this summer are trying to do two things: escape the heat and celebrate Independence Day, one Beaufort resident found a way to do both.

When Preston Gauntt went to mow his lawn this past weekend, he thought he was just doing a chore, but the heat proved him otherwise. He says halfway through mowing his lawn, he got so hot he wanted to quit, but came up with a plan. Just a few stripes later and he was done. When he stepped back to look at his work, he saw what a lot of people will be seeing this weekend - a really, really big American Flag. Gauntt says he was just showing some pride and having fun celebrating the Fourth of July.

“People don’t realize this. We are the youngest country on the block. I mean. just 1776. We are like adolescence right now. Give us a chance. We’re crawling. We’re walking. We will be running here shortly. Just don’t take things so serious!”

Gauntt posted his work on Facebook, where he says he was expecting some negative feedback, but everyone seems to be loving his work. He says he’ll try to keep it up for as long as he can, but in Beaufort, it’s hard to stop the grass from growing.

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