New law to extend availability for HOPE scholarship

New law to extend availability for HOPE scholarship

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -A new law could help put more money in student’s pockets when it comes to college tuition as lawmakers expand the eligibility limit of the HOPE scholarship.

Area universities believe that a law like this could help increase enrollment numbers.

The law would extend the eligibility of the HOPE scholarship from seven years to 10. This means that all college students who receive HOPE would now have up to 10 years to use its benefits.

Those at Georgia Southern University say this new law could definitely spark some future interest in people who may not wish to attend college at this time. If they plan to enroll later, it could definitely help boost enrollment numbers for state universities like GSU.

GSU’s Vice President of enrollment says the college is working on a strategic plan to get more students to enroll. They plan to debut the plan sometime in the near future.

“Each campus has its distinct use and what we are doing with the enrollment plan is to find the value proposition of each campus so students will want to come here,” said Dr. Scot Lingrell.

Lingrell says admission and interest and interest in Georgia Southern is up at the moment.

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