Water management company explains high bills for some in Bryan County

Water management company explains high bills for some in Bryan County

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s something many of us have experienced - a high water bill. This time, people in south Bryan County are complaining about bills that doubled and even tripled between payments.

The CEO of Water Utility Management, the company that manages water out there, says this time of year, bills always take a big jump. Outdoor watering is the main reason.

It’s hard to imagine, but one cycle on your sprinkler system can dump thousands of gallons of water in just hours. Tony Daguillo, the company’s CEO, says the warm April and May caused people to water more frequently. So, what’s his advice? Check your meter weekly and track your water use. It also works to double-check the meter readers. Being mindful of outdoor watering can go a long way in cutting down on your bill.

“You can really put out an awful lot of water, and the most horrible thing is that we see people watering during the day when you lose almost half of your water to evaporation,” Daguillo said. “We see people watering in the middle of rain because their sprinkler system is not set up to skip a rain event.”

It’s also worth doing some research on your grass and plants to see just how much water they need. Some people may be over-watering. On the other hand, a high bill can also be indicative of a leak. Every meter has some sort of leak detector on it. Checking for a leak is pretty easy, too.

"When all the water is shut off at your house, and you don’t think you’re using any water, if you check the meter and if the leak detector is spinning, you can say ‘well I’ve got water going through the meter that’s going somewhere,’ and so then you can start trying to find out where that water is going, Daguillo said.

Water Utility Management will come out and help you find the leak. Most other water companies will as well. They’ll also offer some sort of credit once it’s fixed. Daguillo really stresses that if any customers have issues about bills with them, just give them a call or visit their website.

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